Web Design

Here are some examples of web pages I have designed for various projects, both graphics and html code. Unfortunately I can't show some of the actual sites because they are run by Java servlets or only accessible to Stanford personnel, but I've put links to a jpg image of what some of them look like.

** National Parks - I helped out a fried with one section of a site on pollution used in museum kiosks. This is only the "Health" section, and I didn't do the graphics for this one, only the html.

** NASA SHARP - a program for high school students that I assisted with a few summers ago.

** SUnAppSys - this is the html template I designed for a new system being built at Stanford.

** Corellia - a .jpg of my design for the developer server at Stanford Residential Computing.

** Waking Dreams - a .jpg of the opening page of my first website, which was dedicated solely to X-files and Buffy fan art.